“In one hour, my partner and I were able to learn so much about our 11 year relationship.”

What clients are saying…


“Trauma or not, everyone can benefit from expanding their knowledge, experience, and vocabulary around pleasure. Kai provided a well thought out space with safe guidance to explore.”

— Workshop Participant

“Kai created a safe space to think about sexuality and how we take care of ourselves. More growth can come from sharing a space with others also looking for growth.”

— Reiki client

“I will share when I'm feeling uncomfortable and not feel like I need to compromise my desires for his pleasure.” 

— Workshop participant

“I feel like I’m right where I need to be. Kai curates a safe space for femmes to step into their sexual subjectivity.”

— Sexual coaching client


“I learned so much about consent in today’s workshop. Before I didn’t know that I could say ‘no’ to my boyfriend when I don’t want to have sex. Now I know I can speak up for myself.”

— Consent workshop Participant

“Before this class I had no idea rape culture was real. I was in disbelief and now I want to share this information with everyone in my life.”

— Consent workshop Participant

“I felt ocean waves of healing wash over me in this reiki class. I have always been afraid to let go during meditation or wellness classes, but Kai held such a safe space for release.”

— Reiki client

“I used to not let my little boys play with dolls or barbies, but after this workshops I’m going to go home and tell them they can play with whatever toys they want. I learned so much about masculinity and gender today.”

— Beyond The Binary workshop Participant