Previous Workshops:

o “Trauma Informed Consent for Tattoo Artists.” 28 September 2019, Saved Tattoo Shop. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Sex Ed Toolkit for Educators.” 21 September 2019, Niagara Falls High School. Niagara Falls, NY.

o “Gender and LGBTQ Inclusivity.” 18 September 2019, Niagara Falls High School. Niagara Falls, NY. 

o “Navigating Sex After Trauma.” 18 May 2019. HealHaus. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Survivor Support: A Path To Healing Our Communities.” 14 April 2019. New Women Space. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Mental Health and Sexual Wellness.” 30 December 2018. HealHaus. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Erotic Power.” 15 September 2018. HealHaus. Brooklyn, NY

o “Embracing A Sensual Life.” 15 July 2018. HealHaus. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Community Healing From Sexual Trauma.” 19 May 2018. RosenSpace. Rosendale, NY.

o “Building A Sensual Life: Connecting With Pleasure.” 12 May 2018. BUST Craftacular. Industry City. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Individual and Community Based Healing From Sexual Trauma.” 6 May 2018. MINKA. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Healing From Sexual Trauma Through Pleasure.” 8 January 2018. Radical Futures Free School. Mayday Space. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Sexual Violence And Racism Intersect.” 15 August 2017. Rockaways Slut Walk. Rockaway Beach, NY.

o “Towards A New Love Ethic: Sexual Freedom Through Collective Liberation.” 05 August 2017. Woodhul’s Sexual Freedom Summit. Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel. Arlington, VA.

o “Dixon Place Presents My Body: Not For Consumption.” Dixon Place. New York, NY.

o “My Body: Not For Consumption Conference.” 30 April 2017. Starr Bar. Brooklyn, NY.

o “Consent 101 For College Freshman.” 16 June 2016. The Wheatly School. Old Westbury, NY.

o “Beyond Yes and No: Understanding Consent.” 21 April 2016. Iona College. New Rochelle, NY.

o “Beyond Yes and No: Understanding Consent.” 19 April 2016. Take Back The Night. Lehman College. Bronx, NY.

o “Gender Based Violence Impact on LGBTQ Survivors.” 15 April 2016. Sexual Assault Awareness Conference. Bergen Community College. Paramus, NJ.

o “LGBTQ Ally to Accomplice.” 20 February 2015. Through LGBTQ Center DoH grant. Kingston High School. Kingston, NY.

o “Gender Beyond The Binary.” 15 October 2014. Through LGBTQ Center DoH grant. Poughkeepsie High School. Poughkeepsie, NY.