Christina Tesoro, Corinne Werder and Cameron Glover teaching a workshop at Powrplnt; Photo by  YuniqueYunique

Christina Tesoro, Corinne Werder and Cameron Glover teaching a workshop at Powrplnt; Photo by YuniqueYunique


I can host these offerings either as a forum with sliding scale fee at the door, or as a workshop for an organization or community to sponsor with free attendance for members & guests. Please contact me if you have a space (community center, bookstore, gallery, university, etc) interested in hosting an open event, or an organization interested in sponsoring a workshop for your community.

Past workshops and speaking engagements have been hosted at:
MINKA Brooklyn, BUST Holiday Market, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center, Bergen Community College, North Rockland High School, The Wheatley School, Powrplnt, Lehman College, Iona College and more. 


Preventing Sexual Violence with Sex Education

Studies have shown that receiving a comprehensive sexual education from a young age is one of the most vital ways to foster a healthy relationship to sexuality, communication and gender. In this workshop, participants will engage in a deeper understanding of how to bring upon conversations of sex ed and consent for youth. I believe that in working to undo rape culture, sex education is one of our most powerful tools.

Queering Anti-Sexual Violence Work

Anti-sexual violence work has a tendency to focus on hetero and cis normative narratives. However, when communities do not see past this structure of the conversation, they are bypassing queer and trans experiences within healing from sexual violence. Statistics show that 1 in 5 trans and gender nonconforming people will be sexually assaulted in college. In this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to queer the work they do within anti-sexual violence advocacy. 

Individual & 
Community Based Healing from Trauma

When we work to heal the community from trauma, we are able to each heal on an individual level. In this workshop, I use knowledge from my work as a Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocate to help communities understand how to heal with survivors. Too often the news of a community member being a victim/survivor causes tension and internal pressures which can be difficult to heal from. Participants in this workshop will walk away knowing how to support victims/survivors with a community based approach that will thus lend to individual healing. 

This workshop is focused around connecting with one's sensuality beyond the implications we are fed from living within a capitalist society. This workshop includes queer and trans inclusive sex education, interactive sensuality activities, breaking down the norms of pleasure in our society, and understanding sex positivity in an encompassing way which includes those who do (or have at some point have) identify as asexual or aromantic.

Pleasure Beyond Capitalism