I will collaborate with every client to tailor fit these workshops to your needs. You can choose one or more of the below topics and I will build a workshop including facilitated dialogue, lecture, skills building, activities, and more to suit exactly what you're looking for! Workshops range from 60 - 180 minutes. Each can be tailed for ages 14 and older. 

Anti-Sexual Violence:

Healing From Sexual Trauma Thru Pleasure

Consent: Beyond Yes & No

Survivor Support: A Path To Healing Our Communities

Gender & Sexuality:

Understanding Gender & Queerness

Beyond Acronyms: How To Support LGBTQ Clients & Students

Queering Sex Education

Relationship Skills:

Dating After Trauma: Where To Start

How To Make Your Sex Life More Playful

Relationship Communication Skills: Facing Your Desires

Wellness & Pleasure:

Embracing A Sensual Life: Connect With Pleasure

Erotic Power, For & By Yourself

How Mental Health Impacts Your Sex Life