pt. 3

Missing this feeling, this moment, this me. There is a brisk realization that hits when the moon pulls you up. How do you focus when you catch yourself off balance? Where center is, is that really the way to see the world? Should we not seek off kilter visionary ever so often? I have my bedroom window open most nights in the month of January. I welcome the cold air. This body of mine may not much appreciate the juxtaposition between cold breeze and stiff inside winter air. A body is a weird thing, carry me all about in so many different directions (yes at once, we can exist beyond this body in many locations at once). When you lose your mind, does it simply mean it's existing somewhere beyond where this simplistic body has allowance to be? Hm. I feel every inch of me as I grasp for sleep tonight. Certain aches, certain pleasures. It may all just be designed to make me get lost in the end.